Windows XP RIP

Microsoft support ends on Windows XP as of April 8, 2014.

Windows XP RIP

  • On April 8, 2014 you cannot update Windows XP nor get the latest Windows XP  patches that will protect your computer from getting harmful Malware and Spyware.
  •  On April 8, 2014 You cannot download the version of Microsoft Security Essential nor get the latest definition  to  catch the latest virus.
  • You can still use your computer, but you will put your personal data at risk of someone stealing it or your computer catching a virus.

I still want to keep my computer with Windows XP

  • You still want to use Windows XP make sure you backup all of your important Documents and Media every day. (Put on a CD, DVD, USB Flash drive, OR Dropbox)
  • Install a free Anti-virus’ Program and update the definition every day and run a scan.
  • Install WOT (Web of Trust)
  • Consider buying a full version of Malwarebytes and run it with your Anti-Virus program.
  • You can install Ubuntu operating system into your old computer.

Time for a new computer

  • Purchase a new computer that fits your budget and move all of your personal from your old PC to your new PC
  • Make sure your new computer have the latest Windows update on it.
  • Make sure your firewall is on
  • Install good virus protection software. (update the definition everyday and run a quick scan)
  • Buy and install Malwarebytes PRO and install it to your new computer. (Malwarebytes works great with your Anti-Virus Program)   malwarebytes
  • Install WOT (Web of Trust) into your new PC
  • Backup, Backup all of your documents and Media



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