How To My Password In Windows 7


Why should I change My password.

1. If you do not create a password

2. Every three months

3. If someone was looking over your shoulder watching type in your password.

4. Most of us create password that can be easily be hack, like your spouse name, Kids name or pet’s name if you have a basic password like (carol, john, admin)

5. you should create password that are 8-15  characters in length  including letters, numbers, punctuation symbol and with a least one character capital letter. (Not all computer systems allow you to use characters such as @, %, or/ !, ? but you should give it a try to see if will accept any of these characters).

6. Do not leave your Desktop password under your keyboard or out in the open. (should put somewhere in your wallet)

This a Quick and easy way to change your Windows 7 password.

1. Lets start off by clicking your start button. windows 7 button

2. in the menu look for Control 7 control panel

3. Now scroll down till you see user account. (double click on user account)

4. Click on change your password

5. First box please enter your current password.

6. the next box type in your new password.  ( try using  as @, %, or/ !, ?)

7. The third box type in the same new password  ( try using  as @, %, or/ !, ?)

8. now click on change password button to confirm your new password.

Please remember your new password (You can write on a piece of paper and lock it up)


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