How to Fix Your Computer Date and Time

How to Fix Your Computer Date and Time

Windows XP

1. look for your computer time that is located on the botton right-hand side of  your computer screen.


2. Please move your mouse cusor over the time and right-click it and scroll to Adjust Date/Time and click on it.

adjust date and time

3. Now you will see screen popup (Date and Time Properties)

time properties

4. You can edit the Date by clicking the arrow that is next to the month and click the arrow going up or down to you get to the correct year.

adjust month

5. Now we can move on to adjusting your computer clock to the correct time.

time properties

6. You can easily adjust your time by moving your cursor mouse on top of the arrow going up or down to correct your computer time. Remember to select AM or PM before clicking on apply then ok.

highlight time

7. You can also put your mouse cursor over the number 3 left click your mouse and move your cursor towards your left-side till it is hightlighted.

8. Please do the same for the minutes and then select AM or PM.

9. Now you can click on Apply Button and then OK.

If your computer kept losing its time, you want tp check your CMOS battery that is inside your computer.



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