Dumb Computer Quick Hot Keys

Dumb Computer Quick Hot Keys

windows7-keyboard-shortcuts      Did you know that your Computer’s keyboard have some great shortcut keys that will enable you to go directly to different programs and places. Please see below for a short list.

  • F1   Help
  • F2   Rename
  • F3   Search menu
  • F4   Open the Address Bar options
  • F5   Refresh the current window
  • F6   Move among selections in current windows
  • F10   Activate menu bar options

Popular Hot Keys

  • CTRL-ESC   Open the Start menu
  • ALT-TAB   Switching among open programs
  • ALT-WINDOWS   Switch among open programs using Windows Vista’s Flip 3D
  • ALT-F4   Quit program
  • CTRL-Z   Undo the last command
  • CTRL-A   Select all the items in the current window
  • SHIFT-DELECT   Delete item permanently
  • SHIFT-F10   Open a shortcut menu for the selected item (same as right-clicking an object
  • SHIFT   Bypass the automatic run feature for optical media (by pressing and holding down the SHIFT key while you insert optical media)
  • ALT-SPACE  Display the main window’s System menu (where you can restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize, or close the window)
  • ALT-ENTER    Open the properties for the selected object

Working with Text

  • CTRL-A   Copy
  • CTRL-X   Cut
  • CTRL-V   Paste
  • CTRL-Z   Undo
  • CTRL-B   Bold
  • CTRL-U   Underline
  • CTRL-I     Italic

Windows Key Shortcuts

  • WINDOWS Key       Start menu
  • WINDOWS Key-D   Show desktop
  • WINDOWS Key-E   Windows Explorer
  • WINDOWS Key-F   Search menu
  • WINDOWS Key-L   Log off Windows
  • WINDOWS Key-R   Run dialog box
  • WINDOWS Key-CTRL-F   Find computer
  • WINDOWS Key-Tab   Cycle through taskbar button
  • WINDOWS Key- BREAK   System Properties dialog box



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