How To Find My Computer System Information Tool


Here is an easy way to view your computer information . (Windows 7)

  1. Please click on your start button on the task menu. windows 7 button
  1. Now look for “All Programs” and click on it.

All Programs win7

  1. Click on the “Accessories button”.  accessiores
  1. “Click on the “System Tools”  SYSTEMTOOL
  1. Now please click on the “System Information”     System information
  1. Now you will see your System Information Report.

information logend



Easy and Fast

  1. Click on Win + R Key on your Keyboard.


  1. Now you can type msinfo32 as you see below.

Run Line

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Dumb Computer Repair

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Windows XP RIP

Microsoft support ends on Windows XP as of April 8, 2014.

Windows XP RIP

  • On April 8, 2014 you cannot update Windows XP nor get the latest Windows XP  patches that will protect your computer from getting harmful Malware and Spyware.
  •  On April 8, 2014 You cannot download the version of Microsoft Security Essential nor get the latest definition  to  catch the latest virus.
  • You can still use your computer, but you will put your personal data at risk of someone stealing it or your computer catching a virus.

I still want to keep my computer with Windows XP

  • You still want to use Windows XP make sure you backup all of your important Documents and Media every day. (Put on a CD, DVD, USB Flash drive, OR Dropbox)
  • Install a free Anti-virus’ Program and update the definition every day and run a scan.
  • Install WOT (Web of Trust)
  • Consider buying a full version of Malwarebytes and run it with your Anti-Virus program.
  • You can install Ubuntu operating system into your old computer.

Time for a new computer

  • Purchase a new computer that fits your budget and move all of your personal from your old PC to your new PC
  • Make sure your new computer have the latest Windows update on it.
  • Make sure your firewall is on
  • Install good virus protection software. (update the definition everyday and run a quick scan)
  • Buy and install Malwarebytes PRO and install it to your new computer. (Malwarebytes works great with your Anti-Virus Program)   malwarebytes
  • Install WOT (Web of Trust) into your new PC
  • Backup, Backup all of your documents and Media



Dumb Computer Repair
Boston’s Computer Repair Shop
Phone: 781-408-1200 or 617-419-0007
Remove all types of viruses
Dumb Computer Repair Website