CryptoLocker: Boston Quick Tip from Dumb Computer

My computer is infected with the CrytoLocker ransomware, what should I do first.  

  • The first thing you should do is disconnect your Desktop or Laptop from the internet, also make sure your wireless on your Laptop is switch off. This will stop the ransomware from encrypting all of your files.
  • You can also pull out your AC adapter plug for your network router.
  • Check to see if all of your files was encrypted.
  • Please save all of your files that was not encrypted as of yet into a CD, DVD, or USB Flash Drive. (Remember CryptoLocker can not encrypted your files if you not connect to the internet.)

If you do not have System Restore enabled on your computer or reliable backups, then you will need to pay the ransom in order to get your files back. Please note that there have been cases when people have paid the ransom and the decryption did not work for whatever reason. Furthermore, if you do not pay the ransom within the allotted time, the Cryptolocker decryption tool will be removed from your system and make it much more difficult, if not impossible, to restore your files.

Call or Text me at 617-419-0007 or 781-408-1200
No cost to you, if we can not fix it
Ransomware Removal
Blue Screen of Death

For the latest news on the CryptoLocker Ransomware please go to:

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